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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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different scene from what we saw last night. police saythis man called 911 and said he shot his wife in their apartment. the two of them were playing with a gun and he said he thought it was unloaded. he pointed it at his wife and not save her. the victim was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. she is charged with manslaughter and we will hear from the neighbor who lived below the but she had to say about what she heard in the past. let's get to mike nelson. >> they are a little scary looking with some dark skies and on radar they are diminishing
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it has been growing weaker as a preciouu down to the southeast with the main threat and a bit of lightning and wind gusts that could move around the chase lounge. it continues and weld county and you could see they have been pushing off the mountains onto the planes that they do not seem to be holding together a great deal of strength. it has been a comfortable day in the 70s and 80s and the metro area is called by some of those is coming up in just a few minutes. we are getting new information about a tragic story, a liquid mother is dead who died while saving her son from drowning. we have been talking to family and friends and they call chelsea russell a superstar. >> they shape-- they say she was a superstar attorney and
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life to save her child. it happened in utah and the sheriff's office released a statement saying the two-year- old fell from a moving houseboat without wearing a life jacket. she jumped into save him and the child was alive and wake on his motherrs chest but she was unconscious pponounced dead on the shore. her friends and colleagues described is vibrant woman who touched so many lives. >> she was genuine and there would you needed her. >> family members say her cause of death was heart failure, not counting. -- not drowning. an officer involved shooting , the 63-year-old of fort
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officers say they threatened him with a weapon and tried to tease him. when teasing did not work they this man is accused of breaking into several cars ever documented national park. he took several purses and credit cards and if you have any information call police. board members from the disability board walking out in the middle of a public comment period while a man was talking a lot of people are asking whether justified in leaving? lance hernandes is here and it happened at the gateway incorporated meeting. foothills gateway provides services to people with disabilities. a father whose son was in that program was speaking at the meeting. board members say he didn't go over but the issue wednesday
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deeper than the time on someone's watch. >> i have not gotten information about what happened. >> he wants them to accept responsibility for what happened to his son. jason got a new roommate. >> he was punched in the stomach and in the morning. >> jason suffers life- threattning seizures. jason kidd down with shingles but was not seen by a nurse for a week for a dr. he was talking to board members about those when they walked out. >> i mentioned three times that his five minutes were up and he wanted to continue to talk. maybe we should not have walked out but we have been dealing with him since may and he keeps saying the same thing over and over. the state investigated the complaints and recommended changes. foothills gateway says
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little says it is not. >> they have an obligation to apologize and do something about it. >> in spring of this year he sent us a letter requesting a substantial monetary donation to heat and his family. filing a lawsuit but did not because of his health issues. he is speaking out because he wants other parents to know what his son experienced. the fda makes a big announcements-- announcement. alternations was protested. until now only blood donated where there is active and transmission are being screened. the fda says it is trying to reduce the transmission by expanding testing. tte consequences to pregnant
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serious birth defects. is the growing trend in population causing transit problems here? in loveland they want the city to remove bus shelters off the property. sally joins us with this story. reporter: these bus shelters have been transferring people to where they need to go but now the city has until october to figure out a new spot for the shelters because the owner of the plaza says have brought problems to the business. these two bus stops held 140,000 riders each year but soon the vital system will shut down. the city received a notice from the shopping plaza owner asking the city to remove the bus shelters off the property because of problems created by
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. >> he rides the bus every day and while he is disappointed to see the shelters go he agrees they create trouble. >> you seen people fight here? >> like physical altercations. >> sometimes people smoke around here. reporter: loveland police say they have seen an increase in transient population and the larimer county sheeiff says he noticed an uptick anddto transient crimes and over the last year saying some residents are avoiding writing buses into two problems caused by criminal transients. not everyone thinks the removal of these shelters will help the problem. >> they are going to come here whether they are there or not. >> others think the reasoning is unreasonable. >> he's targeting a certain class of people that have as much right to a bus that i-- assi who make $80,000. you see the speed limit signs but 60 miles per hour
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trucks on the roads. the department of transportation is considering putting devices into commercial vehicles that would limit the maximum speed to 60, 65, or 68 to make the roads safer. it would save more than $1 billion in fuel each year. if you drive a most of the automakers are we calling the cx-seven sports vehicles. 2007-2000 2007-2012, water could leak into parts of the so far there have been no injuries or crashes because of this issue. a driver smashes into a light pole in longmont all because of a be-- bee. allergic reaction and was so distracted he drove into the curb and signed his mother's previous into a pole. it
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play in the child development center. it only took 6 hours for them to put this whole thing together. the nonprofit helped make this possible. a little drama on the campaign trail. the candidates are accusing each other of racism. >> tonight we put the comments of the candidates to the test. a stolen truck crashes into a plane before take off. ski season ii not far out, why today may be the day to get your ski passes. budweiser brings a surprise concert, the artists performing for a good cause next. a
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easier after the devastating earthquake. it is heartbreaking to see buildings flattened and monuments gone. this is in amitirice . rescue crews say they are running out of time to find survivors. more than 2000 people are living in makeshift camps and nearly 300 people have died. it was quite a night on the tarmac, federal charges may be
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crashed it into an airplane. this plane was headed to denver 80 and did not get here on time. the man breached a security gate and stripped down who is underwear. the truck that he stole was already running. a passenger says it shook them pretty hard. a flight attendant had some minor injuries. this may come as a surprise, the car service over-- uber has lost a lot of money. the drivers are responsible for the company's losses globally. when expert says there is no need to worry, the ridesharing application is in jeopardy, the seven-year-old company is still maintaining growth. we have new photos of donald trump arriving for a fundraiser last night. he was about three hours late
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to land in eagle county airport first and then take a private plane over to aspen. the candidates are trading more insults in the race for candidates. the campaign or unleashed a new advertisement, the one featuring trump trying to appeal to african-american voters alongside images of voters getting violent with black protesters. trump released a video of own reminding viewers that clinton's own words have been called racist by groups including black lives matter. >> if you start dividing people the blame game and name-calling, then you find that you cannot solve your problems.>> he is struggling to define his own policy and seems to pull back on his plan to deport 11
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the claims. there is a payment to iran being called a ransom and an ally says the hopeful did not were lines. they are pushing this through this week's truth a meter. $400 million in cash. he denied it was for the hostages but it was.>> donald trump claiming 400 million paid to iran five american hostages were set for he was in his words a ransom, a claim that the obama administration denies and one that we started digging into. the optics are certainly not ideal. it looks fishy and raises a lot of eyebrows. >> i ran had a-- iran had a claim to tte money but because of the release of the $400 million once the prisoners were headed back was more like
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checkers great his statement is mostly false. >> i know that she has abided by the ethics agreement that she signed at the beginning which is not to take any action on part of the state department that mixed foundation of business. >> taken to the airways after a batch of newly released emails between hillary clinton nd the hillary clinton officials about whether she blurred the lines of the nonprofit and the political connections she had in her time as secretary of state. >> she is really missing the point which is that there was supposed to be a firewall between the two interests and are really quite blurred lined- - blurred lines.
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reported the clinton foundation memorandum of understanding by not disclosing certain donations that are received over the years. i will see you back here at 4:00 on politics unplugged. it is women's equality day and 26 companies have agreed to sign an equal pay pledge. they are trying to close the gender wage gap including a promise by employers to conduct a yearly analysis reviewing hiring and promotion process. women on average and $.79 for every dollar that men are. >> by the way it is also national dog day. it stands for canine airport therapy squad and some of the 27 new pups were shown off today and you should see these around the airport, they will be there hopefully not johnny be there
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has an anxiety. budweiser is setting up for a big surprise party and there is a secret artists performing. we just learned it is shaky graves. he will be playing a free show in a place that rhymes with benver. there will be food trucks and all the prophets will be donated to a charity that helps the families of vetera fun starts at 4:00 if you want to hit the slopes right now may be the best time to buy the past. steamboat and loveland are selling discounted passes. we have a full list of prices where you can find discounted gear. take a look at these beautiful pictures as temperatures dropped . we have some snow, a good
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believe it is still summer. we all know that winter is not far off. 34 days until they start ?aking snow. this just a few scattered rain showers moving through the area , it has been a fairly quiet day but we had a couple of big thunderstorms, this was building up in weld county coming through some scary looking clouds and a touch of rain, this is the view fromhe wireless camera looking back toward the west and this is the view of a rainbow showinggup over the denver skyline. the radar shows the activity moving from the northwest to the southeast. these kind of pop up and pulls briefly, we've had a couple of warnings and they tend to die down a little bit. there's not a lot of activity with these decaying thunderstorms. may get some gusty wind not
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evening but from our vantage point from the top of the building it is called off and very nice. 26% humidity wind from the north. the top temperature was 79 degrees and just last year we had 97 for the record high. 86 is the normal high temperature. we are right on the edge of a very minor weather system. there's a front across the state with more humid air, hot and dry to lift out of here and that means the weather patterns will heat up back to typical late summer levels by sunday and certainly monday. isolated storms and things clear out. it should be a quiet night, very comfortable with lows dropping into the upper 40s to low 50s, low-mid-30s and mid-
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morning, just enough moisture left to get some mountain storms and a few of them will drift into the eastern plains but the rain chance is 20% or less. 84 fort collins agreeably with readings approaching 90 so it is low-mid-80s, emotionally drained-- emotionally drenched through the weekend. isolated afternoon storms, looking ahead you cannot put the first alert weather day but the bright spot about 85 and for hot weather lovers, upper 80s-low 90s and a pretty peaceful pattern as we get to the last part.
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70% return to practice
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we are nearing the all- important preseason game 3. he has made significant strides in returning to his usual form.
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saying he feels better now than he did during the playoffs last year. he has been preparing for a season opener and believes he will bolster already stout defense. >> everybody is going to be after you. we have always been a chaser and that's what type of team we are. we believe we are behind the curve and do better, that's what this team is about to be the best. don't forget to head over to the website. there are five questions for the broncos heading into the battle with the launch and-- los angeles. 3 i hope you never miss any school pictures, did you? >> we have great pictures to show you because it is national dog day. the dogs we want to talk about
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i don't have a dog but my daughter does. if you are looking for a let's talk, he is your guy. >> this is yours.
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? what if we designed a paint om look like a spa but stood up to the humidity of a shower this steamy. this steamy yep, even this one. if it's a matte finish paint, and can resist any amount of moisture, is it still paint?
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. an abc news exclusive. the young american daughter kidnapped by isis. her parents making a direct plea to isis themselves. tonight, right here, what they say the president promised. and now, the white house responding. also tonight, the airport security scare. a man driving a truck right into a jet, terrified passengers onboard. a community in shock. two nuns murdered. and now, the urgent manhunt at this hour. shot by mistake. the armed robbery. the homeowner, the husband who calls police. he and his wife need help. police arrive, and the homeowner is shot by mistake. and, the tropical threat. we're tracking the system right now. getting closer to the u.s.


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